VooDoo Warranty

VooDoo will only warranty packs that have been bought directly from  Factory Voodoo or any authorized Voodoo dealer. Warranties will only be applied for the original customer, and will require a record of receipt from Factory Voodoo, or an invoice from an authorized Voodoo dealership. 

The decision to replace the product is made solely through Factory Voodoo, and Factory Voodoo only.  This warranty does not cover such things as, cosmetic damage, accidents, damage from abuse and misuse, negligence, modifications made to the product, or any act of God.  The warranty also does not cover damage associated to improper installation, attempts to repair product on your own or other individuals, or neglect.

Batteries obtained through a giveaway or raffles from special race events, will only be warrantied under the 70% List Price Warranty.  Please see below for how this warranty is applied.  No other exceptions will be made.

The Return Of Damaged Product.

DO NOT ship broken or damaged batteries back to Voodoo.  We do not repair batteries.  We will work w/ the buyer or authorized dealership to acquire the information, details, pictures, etc to determine if the product is meeting the warranty criteria. 

If the product has a defect or damaged at the time of the purchase, Voodoo will provide the product FREE of charge. Proof of purchase will be required along w/ the date purchased.  Authorized dealerships will not provide warranty support, replacements, or refunds.  This matter will be resolved directly through contacting Voodoo by email voodooracecells@hotmail.com.

Puffing/Swelling is not considered a defect and IS NOT covered by warranty

Puffing/Swelling is not considered a defect and IS NOT covered by warranty.  The exception to this would be if the battery was discovered to be puffed or swelled at the time of purchase from an authorized dealer.  Batteries bought directly from Voodoo are inspected by professionals before they are shipped out to buyers, and Voodoo WILL NOT ship damaged batteries to a customer.

Voodoo has no control over how our product is used, modified, installed, or setup. Therefore Voodoo will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by this product in the excess of the cost of the product.

70% List Price 1 Year Warranty

All Voodoo and Head Hunter batteries come w/ a 1 year 70% List Price Warranty.  This warranty allows you to replace your damaged battery for 70% of Voodo's list price.  Again, a valid proof of purchase from Factory Voodoo or an authorized Voodoo dealer will be required for this warranty to be honored, and it must be within 1 year of the purchase date on the invoice.  Failure to provide a valid invoice voids this warranty.  Voodoo also reserves the right to decline this warranty if any expected abuse of this warranty is happening in a serial manner.  The buyer is responsible for the price of shipping for the item(s) warrantied under this policy.

How To Process 70% List Price Warranty

  1. Contact Voodoo directly via email on our website www.voodoocells.com and provide a valid invoice from Factory Voodoo or an authorized Voodoo dealer. It is important that this invoice have a clear date of purchase on it, and clearly identifies Voodoo product name on the invoice.

  2. Attach any picture(s) of the damages done to the product in the email when beginning this process along w/ a brief description of the issue(s).

  3. You will be asked to create a log in on our page if you haven’t already.  Once we receive your information through your created acct, we will generate an invoice for the warranty.

  4. Once payment is accepted your product will be shipped within 1-3 business days provided inventory is in stock.  If inventory is out of stock, you will be placed on our immediate attention list, and your pack will be shipped as soon as they are back in stock. 

This warranty policy is only available through Factory Voodoo. DO NOT attempt to claim this warranty through an authorized dealership.  If you do they will redirect you to back to Voodoo to handle this process.